Current University of Nebraska Turfgrass Research Projects

The mission of the Nebraska Turf Association is to support turfgrass research and education in Nebraska. Though you may see a presentation or a summary of particular research projects, there are a large number of ongoing research projects and many with multiple facets. Following is a complete list of current research projects

Turfgrass improvement and cultivar evaluations:

•             NTEP fine fescue cultivar evaluation (KA*)

•             NTEP tall fescue cultivar evaluation (KA)

•             NTEP perennial ryegrass cultivar evaluation (KA)

•             Evaluation of native grasses for turf potential (KA)

•             Development of improved buffalograss cultivars (KA)

•             Genetic and molecular biology tools for improved buffalograss breeding efficiency (KA)

•             Mechanisms of sex determination in buffalograss (KA)

•             Evaluation of buffalograss germplasm for resistance to the western chinch bug (THM, FB)

•             Buffalograss next generation sequencing project (KA, THM)

•             Recurrent selection breeding to reduce seed dormancy (KA)

•             Identify buffalograss germplasm resistant to false smut and leaf spot diseases (KA)

•             Characterize timing of winter dormancy to extend growing season of buffalograss (KA)

•             Improving seed yield of buffalograss with growth regulators or nitrogen (KA, ZR)

Turfgrass Management:

•             Enhanced germination and establishment of Kentucky bluegrass, creeping bentgrass and zoysiagrass (RG)

•             Drought performance of turfgrass species and cultivars in diverse environments (RG)

•             Foliar nutrition and elicitor investigations in creeping bentgrass (RG)

•             Plant growth regulator use on cool-season turfgrasses (multiple studies) (RG, ZR)

•             Summer seeding for fairways  (ZR)

•             Nitrogen source evaluations  (ZR)

 Pest Management:

•             Investigation of insect and mite biology, ecology, distribution, and injury potential in order to develop management alternatives for potential pests of buffalograss and switchgrass (for biofuel production) (FB)

•             Alternative arthropod pest management strategies for arthropods affecting turfgrasses, native grasses, and horticultural plantings in Nebraska (FB)

•             Evaluation of the efficacy of biological and synthetic pesticides for control of turfgrass and landscape pests in Nebraska (FB)

•             Deciphering the role of peroxidases and other oxidative enzymes in the defense response of buffalograss to chinch bugs (THM)

•             Characterization of chinch bug salivary secretions (THM, FB)

•             Biology and control of yellow nutsedge(RG)

•             Biology and control of purslane (ZR)

•             Annual grass or broadleaf weed control evaluations (ZR)

•             Timing of preemergence herbicides in Nebraska (ZR)

•             Watering-in requirement for preemergence herbicides (ZR)

•             Summer seeding and post-seeding herbicides for fairways  (ZR)

•             Preemergence herbicides and overseeding for conversions from Poa annua (ZR)

•             Summer control of Poa annua in Kentucky bluegrass/perennial ryegrass fairways  (ZR)

•             Long-term control of Poa annua in Kentucky bluegrass fairways  (ZR)

•             Long-term control of Poa annua in creeping bentgrass fairways  (ZR)

•             Long-term control of Poa annua in putting greens  (ZR)

•             Genetic diversity of Poa annua populations after long-term control efforts (KA, ZR)

•             Herbicide resistant weeds (ZR, RG)

•             Herbicides for spring seedings  (ZR, RG)

•             Herbicide tolerance of established buffalograss  (ZR, KA)

•             Herbicide tolerance of seedling buffalograss  (ZR, KA)

•             Reduced carrier volume technology for improved efficiency of spray applications (RG)

•             Non-target turf health effects of FRAC fungicides (RG)

•             Turf safety of experimental fungicides (ZR)



KA = Keenan Amundsen

FB = Fred Baxendale

RG = Roch Gaussoin

TFH = Tiffany Heng-Moss

ZR = Zac Reicher

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