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Distinguished Service Award

Given to an individual who has contributed significantly to the development of the Nebraska Turfgrass Association and the ideals it represents. This award is based on merit and is not necessarily awarded on an annual basis. Nominees for the award come from the NTA Nominations Committee or they may be brought forth from the NTA membership. Recipients are selected by vote of the Board of Directors. A two-thirds majority vote (i.e., 6 out of 9) is required for approval.

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2016 Presidential Award Recipient – Mike Winje

Harold Glissman

Paul Bergman

Jim Girardin, Sr.

Dr. John Weihling

Dr. Ed Kinbacher

Charles Hadwick

Joe Hadwick

Dr. Bob Shearman

Keith Weidler

Tom Athy

John Ausen

Lon Camp

Richard Crowl

Dale Amstutz

Clyde Wisecarver

Larry Hergott

Dave Wilson

Jeff Erickson

Richard Spangler, Jr.

Bill Japp

Dr. John Watkins

Larry Burkland (2006)

Steve Merkel

John Hadwick

Casey Crittenden (2008)

Bill Bieck (2009)

John Jones (2010)

Ross Vandergriend (2011)

Dr. Roch Gaussoin (2012)

Craig Ferguson (2016)


Presidential Award

Given to an individual who has made significant contributions to the turfgrass industry in Nebraska, the nation, or both. The NTA recognizes that these individuals in their contributions, whether direct or indirect, have been beneficial to the workings of the NTA and professional turfgrass managers in Nebraska. This award is given annually and may be given to one or more individuals. Nominees are selected by the NTA Nominations Committee or may be brought forward from membership. Recipients are determined by a vote of the NTA Board of Directors. A simple majority vote is required for approval.

Clyde Wisecarver (1965)

Joe and Anne Hadwick (1966)

Dr. Leo Lucas (1967)

Don Alderman (1968)

Roy Rasmussen (1969)

Dr. James B. Beard (1970)

Dr. Jim Watson (1971)

Dr. Martin Massengale (1972)

John Hadwick (1973)

Dr. Fred Grau (1974)

Dr. William Daniel (1975)

Dr. Al Turgeon (1976)

Stan Fredericksen (1977)

Dr. Roger Uhlinger (1978)

Jim Holmes (1979)

Charles Wilson (1980)

Dr. Terry Riordan (1981)

Dr. Dave Wysong (1982)

Harold W. Glissmann (1983)

Dr. Eliot Roberts (1984)

Maury Spence (1985)

Dr. Roy Arnold (1986)

Dr. Nick Christians (1987)

Bob Staib (1988)

Emery W. Nelson (1989)

Reuben Schneider (1990)


Dr. John Watkins (1991)

Dr. Art Bruneau (1992)

Lannie Wit (1993)

Wayne Thorsen (1994)

Orville Belknap (1995)

Charles Warren (1996)

Dr. Irv Omtvedt (1997)

Ruth Hansen (1998)

Dr. Paul Reike (1999)

Dr. Roch Gaussoin (2000)

Dr. Don Steinegger (2001)

Bob Roselle (2002)

Doug Petersan (2003)

Brad Pearson (2004)

Dr. Fred Baxendale (2005)

Wayne Otto (2006)

Carlos Stimson (2007)

Anne Streich (2008)

David Stock (2009)

Kimberly Erusha (2010)

Kevin Minino (2011)

Jeff Witkowski (2012)

Scott Wilke (2013)

Charles Hadwick (2014)

Jerry Shorney (2015)

Mike Winje (2016)


Extra Mile Award

Given to an individual or individuals in recognition of their extra dedication towards the betterment of the Nebraska Turfgrass Association through their service to and promotion of the NTA. This award is not necessarily awarded on an annual basis. Nominees are selected by the NTA Nominations Committee or may be brought forward from the membership. Recipients are determined by a vote of the NTA Board of Directors. A simple majority vote is required for approval.

Ruth Hansen

Richard McManaman

Bill Kubly

Lisa Jasa

Randy Nelson

Bob Bauerle

Shirley Potter

John Jones

Scott Wilke

Dan Riner

Tom Rood

Casey Crittenden (2006)

Brad Jakubowski (2007)

Dick Neumann (2007)

Rich Pollock (2008)

Dr. Roch Gaussoin (2009)

Terri James (2010)

Tim Corbett (2012)

Jeff Erickson (2013)

Craig Ferguson (2014)

Gregg Bostelman (2015)

Jim Nedrow (2016)





Is it safe to order prednisone online, Cheap prednisone online

PO Box 830957
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68583-0957
order prednisone

Upcoming Events

Nebraska Turfgrass Research Field Day- July 18, 2018

NTA Fundraiser Golf Tournament – October 15, 2018

Nebraska Turf Conference – January 8-10, 2019